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Comment by HBprospector 
(As posted on Goldprospectorsspace 5/30/09)

So for all of you wondering about the highbanker that is sold by Advanced Mining, I ran it through some at home lab setting tests.
I ran five 5 gallon buckets of clean dirt and gravels through it, and then mixed up a bucket of dirt with 4 grams of mixed gold. The gold was one 0.50 gram nugget, some pickers, plus 20 mesh and a little minus 30 mesh. After I ran the gold bucket I then ran two more full buckets of dirt with some cobbles just small enough to go through the classifier at the head of the box. The motor I was using was the same one that is sold by Joe for the machine. Running at full throttle the whole time, I panned the tailings and found only four to five micro specks. I turned the engine off and did a clean up. Know for a fact that I only put in 4 grams of gold. Every piece that was plus 20 mesh stayed in the top part of the sluice. I was very pleased with the ability of the upper part of it.
I then did a clean up on the lower portion. When I was done panning I did a weigh in on the gold. To much of my surprise the weight was a Quarter More than I put in. That quarter gram that was caught was gold so small that it looked like powder. My conclusion to this is that that super deep ribbed matting that Joe uses in this equipment caught the gold that I did not even know was in the buckets of dirt. I will be buying one of Lucky Joe's highbankers as soon as possible.
I've tried a lot of highbankers and have spent a lot of money on some of them. Some worked pretty good out in the field so I thought. I always pan my tailings and out of all the highbankers I've used, this is the only one that is quick to set up the right way and not have gold ending up back on the ground. So for anyone that wants to buy a highbanker I would sure buy one from Advanced Mining. It gets the GOLD that the other ones don't. Thanks again Joe.


Comment by Tim Grimes
(As posted on Goldprospectorsspace 6/17/09)

Hello everyone, for the past couple weeks I have had a CC690 highbanker from Advanced Mining Equipment. First off let me start by saying what a great guy Joe is. Very down to earth and eager to help with any questions you might have .The CC690 arrived very quickly and when I opened the box I was very impressed at the beauty of this machine. I almost hated to get it dirty {almost}. Setting up the unit was quick and easy. I did not even use the instructions but I did look thru them afterwards to make sure I had everything correct. The weight of the unit is not too bad; you can make it lighter if you don’t store the parts inside. I like the fact that I can wheel it from place to place with ease, and the level bubbles make it so simple to get just the right angle for the box-- takes the guess work out of it .Another thing is the sluice area: you got your riffles then your miners moss and under that deep rib rubber matting that is great for catching the fine gold and here in Ohio that is a plus because that’s all I seem to find. The pressure from the water pushes the fine gold down thru the moss and into the rubber mat-- what more could you ask for in a highbanker. Now lets get to the construction of this unit: I like the unit. It is very well constructed with speed nuts so you don’t even need a wrench to assemble it .I also like the fact that the grizzly pivots and dumps onto an inspection plate so you can inspect your material even further before you dump it. Everything stores inside for ease of transport, and removing the riffles for cleanup is very simple. If you are looking for a new highbanker I think you should check out the CC690. Tell Joe that Tim sent you. Check out his websitehttp://www.advancedminingequipment.com/ for videos and pricing. Thank you. Tim Grimes   www.Goldprospectorsspace.com