Vac-Buddy is Your Solution!

Stop wasting time messing with your equipment and spend more time vacuuming  gold off of the bedrock.
Vac-Buddy is lightweight, airtight and heavy duty. The lid screws on/off easily and locks into place securely. The fittings are sealed with silicone and the hose can store inside when not in use. Just connect the hose from your vacuum bucket into the  Vac-Buddy and start vacuuming. . . it's that easy!

   And All With No Noticeable Loss of Suction!
Are you tired of:

1.   Listening to leaf blower noise next to your
      head when you're vacuuming in a hole?
2.   Disassembling your vacuum bucket every
      time you need to empty it?
3.   Not having enough hose to get down to
      bedrock without pulling your leaf blower
      and bucket on top of you?
4.   Fighting to relocate your bucket to another
      stable spot whenever you move a few feet?

The perfect companion to your gas
powered vacuum bucket!
. . .brought to you by
"modern equipment for today's prospector"
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