Advanced Mining Equipment
'Modern Equipment for Today's Prospector'
Sunray Pro Headphones

These headphones have a far superior coil cord to any other headphone on the market. It is the first thing you will notice when you pick up a pair. The next thing will be the comfort of the leather ear muffs: they stay pliable and mold to your ears far after the vinyl ones take a 'set' and let outside noise in. These get a big 'thumbs up' from Lucky Joe and are the ones that I now exlusively use and recommend. You can read all about them at:                                             
Apex Picks

How about this for a quality pick? Tired of building a pick 'collection'? Make an Apex Pick the last pick you buy. I could only take one pick with me when I went prospecting in Ghana and I made sure it was an Apex. Why? Because there is no question it is the most rugged, durable and well-designed pick on the market. You can read more at:
Thank you for visiting our detecting page. Nuggetshooting (hunting for gold nuggets with a metal detector) is a fantastic hobby and my favorite pastime. To do well at it, you need to have the proper equipment, mindset, determination and expectations. You notice that I didn't include 'skill level' in the previous statement... that will come with time. 95% of the nuggets in the pictures on this page were recovered with Fisher Gold Bug Detectors. These detectors are capable of picking up on the smallest pieces of gold. Each container you see represents gold found on a single trip. (Usually one or two days worth of nuggetshooting.) Never let anyone tell you that 'small' gold is a waste of time... You can see that it adds up. For example: the 'happy face' container is holding 1/8th ounce of gold divided into 31 nuggets with no single nugget weighing over a quarter gram and were recovered in a 24 hour period.

My philosophy on equipment is based on experience and is as follows: Buy the best equipment that you can afford. If you can't afford what you really want, buy something ultra cheap until you can. The cheap product will get you by and at the same time make you that much more motivated to trade up. But a middle of the road item will hold you back... You will think you need to get your money's worth out of it before buying again and setting it aside.
Keep in mind that with nuggetshooting each purchase is for the long haul, provided you buy quality to begin with. Unlike a lot of other hobbies, nuggetshooting does not require constant upgrades or maintenance. In other words, once you have made your initial purchases there is nothing else to buy unless you break or lose your gear, so why not buy the best you can?

With the above introduction out of the way, let's take a look at some of the things recommended by me, Lucky Joe. These will be all the items that you will need to get started and then not have to worry about further expense for some time to come. Under each description/picture is either a link to pricing information or the price itself. We sell all these products but for now you will have to call your order in to us at (888) 646-3749. Thank you and good hunting!
Good Quality Pair of Headphones:
These should be of a high impedance (at least 150 ohms), be comfortable and able to block ambient noise well.
Good Quality Pick:
You want heat treated steel, a strong handle and magnets that are not in a vulnerable position.
Nugget Scoop

Invaluble for recovering those targets. The plastic mixed with reinforced fibers even allows you to dig with your scoop.
Plastic Crevice Brush

Use this to brush loose material into your scoop. It comes in especially handy to avoid 'chasing' a target deeper by digging with a scoop or pick alone. Works very well around bedrock. (After all, we don't need you claiming that your detector located a tenth gram nugget at one foot of depth!)
Fisher Metal Detectors

Gold Bug Pro
Gold Bug 2
Here it is... The single best value in a gold detector today! Fantastic sensitivity, superior discrimination and an affordable price. 
I have trained half a dozen people on this detector over the last few months and I am proud to say that every one of them has found gold. (No, not just their test nugget.) They all scored their very first nugget with this detector... even my seven year old son Jeffrey! He took my Pro and set it in the discriminate mode and soon bagged his first 'wild' gold nugget!
If you want bang for your buck, or just a great all around detector, this is it.