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highbanker power sluice
Fill a large gold pan with 2-3 strokes of the hand powered 2" super sucker! Sucks material right off the bottom of the streambed. And best of all . . . still legal in California.
Reduce arm, shoulder and back strain while swinging your detector. Transfers the weight of the detector to your hip and reduces fatigue in the process.
Rocky Mountain prospecting at its finest!
Come take a prospecting vacation where you will not only learn about gold, but will find out about the rich history of the area as well. There is no guide with more expertise then Johnny Walker. These trips are family friendly too!
Excellent technical article on panning.
(You only thought you knew it all)
VLF nuggetshooting techniques learned from experts and written down for your benefit by Lucky Joe. You can also view some of Lucky Joe's Gold Bug 2 videos below.
Broll Bucket Dolly
An excellent tool for transporting 5 gallon buckets full of dirt. Very durable.
Discounted emergency preparedness and survival supplies. You are sure to find plenty of practical gift ideas here and maybe even a few to add to your own wishlist!